The Start

I am super nervous. Our realtor will be meeting with us tomorrow night to look over two possible condos. We have a huge list, and these two are actually only about 10 blocks from us (right on the other side of the college). Now, one is a short sale and the other is bank owned so if we like it, it will probably take forever. However that is fine, we are secure where we are and the more time gets me more time to put money away to get Wolsey a car (before the student loans kick in).

The cool thing is the base house payment (and HoA) for any condo we get will be the same or cheaper than our current ghetto apartment. Even with taxes our upper end condo budget will not be much more than the apartment we had in Everett.

Its the start of the home owner journey. I am freaking out with stress, but within 6 months to a year we should have a home. I will be less nervous after my year probationary period ends at my new job and we will be doing awesome when the wife graduates.

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

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