Day One

Day One:

First two condos looked at. The location is awesome, about 10 blocks away from where we are now. Right next to a QFC, a pub, and a strip mall with a bunch of shops I would go to.

The first condo in the ‘plex wasn’t too bad. A little dated and the living room is a little weird, but it was solid and even dated definitely useable. Its close to the upper end of what we want to spend so we are not sure, we will look at several others and it may take months for us to decide for it.

The second condo in the same place was about 15% more expensive then the first (right at our upper edge), they advertised it bigger but it seemed much smaller. The smell was horrific and the bathrooms/kitchen really subpar. A definite no.

So we put the first in the “possible” option. Our realtor is being pretty cool (and I have to say I think my initial observation about him might have been wrong, I think he was trying to warn us about the bank process). He is going to look at some in Everett for us as well. He thinks there is more bang for our buck. Considering I work in Everett the location wouldn’t be bad (I could walk/bus to work and the wife could take the car).

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