Quick Update

I completely realize I have slacked on doing any sort of writing in February. I keep making promises to myself that I will be more regular about it, then I find four weeks have gone by with nothing to show for it. Honestly, that is mostly due to an overwhelming work schedule. So let me give everyone an update on life!

Work: Work has been an intense ride the last 4-6 weeks. We are entering the end of year, which means that our workload doubles but the time requirements actually shrink. I have never worked putting together a set of financial statements and CAFR requirements, I have only audited them in the past. It is definitely a lot of work.

I do have to say my coworkers have been great though. They know I basically have no experience at this portion and they are helping me walk through it. They are especially supportive when I have been sick and had to take some time off to recover. So overall work is doing great.

Family: Things are going good for my family, my father still has lung problems (COPD, Emphesyma, etc) but no lung cancer. My mom is doing better and so are the rest of my family up in Bellingham.

My poor wife though has had quite a few problems. She has an issue with her shoulder due to an SC joint injury, it means last few weeks she can’t use her left arm. She then turned her ankle two days ago and now she is limping. I feel bad for her, I try to drive her wherever and whenever I can.

Our new cat Marmalade is part of our family so I would do an update here. He had surgery to remove two incisors, and a huge collapsed abscess on his neck. He is in great shape now, and incredibly lovey. I am glad we got him, even if it means a few more months of debt.

Gaming: Gaming is going really well. Just started a new Call of Cthulhu campaign (webpage here: http://talesofagamer.com/lostrlyeh/ ). The new group is working wonderfully and I think this will get interesting. I plan once this is secure to start up a online Shadowrun game using GURPS. I think it can work out great by using Google Hangouts.

Oh, and I have done more on my tattoos, its going good. I will post pictures when its done healing.

Well, thats it for my quick update, time to go to work.

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