New Apartment

Well yesterday we signed the lease to the new apartment (I am dropping it off today). It is a pretty cool apartment. It was built in 2004 and it looks like it was originally meant to be a condo.

It’s 870 square feet, one bedroom and a large “alcove” that is basically a second bedroom. The living room is large (it may be as large or larger than our old apartment). It is within two blocks of work, within walking of several restaurants, library, Irish pub.

It is by far the newest and nicest apartment we have ever lived in (and only a bit more expensive than that roach motel we lived in on Beacon Hill). They have no problem with cats, its a secured building and it seems to be in great condition.

We are scheduled to have movers come over and move our stuff in on April 6th (the first Saturday of the month, we technically have the apartment from April 1st). We are getting ready to contact our current slum lord (did I forget to mention they found nothing in our apartment, but evidently the one below us is roach heaven) and tell him we are leaving.

We were originally going to play it hard-ass style, with all the gang activity outside, roaches, people attempting to commit suicide of the balcony (Christmas Eve) and tell him we were moving. However, upon thinking about it. I think I will explain my new job requires me to move and if he hesitates bring up those points above. We are willing to pay through May even to satisfy any out of pocket expenses the landlord will have (we will be out of here April 14th at the latest, leaving them with a paid for apartment for six weeks).

We will see how this goes. I will post photos when we move. I had taken some of the apartment when we looked at it, but I feel funny posting images of an apartment that has someone else’s property in it (it is still occupied until the 24th).

Oh, is it sad that I am excited for our first washer/dryer in six years?

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