Work Freakout

I know I haven’t posted in a long time. Work has been busy, difficult and honestly when I am off work I really don’t want to do anything. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good job overall. The pay and benefits are good, but the culture/staffing is proving difficult.

My team works as basically individuals. We each are assigned our own funds, and while you assume our jobs would be the same, they aren’t. Each fund has different requirements, different personalities to appease and sometimes completely different duties.

When I got hired I was given what they called the “brown eyed” fund. It’s solid waste, which is a fairly large fund. It is also the only customer service fund where our money doesn’t come from government sources, like taxes or fees. Rather it’s the actually charges for Solid Waste dumping.

Now, there are the normal personality differences, but honestly everyone I work with in the fund is pretty cool. However, my coworkers, while being very nice have lacked one big thing… training.

To just give you a little overview, I was an auditor for almost five years (and an auditor who audited this place for three, which is why they knew me, liked me and hired me). However, contrary to what everyone believes, auditors are not accountants. My job then was completely different. I knew how to rip apart and find what they are doing wrong. That is a lot different then knowing how to build it up.

My employer knows this. I was completely honest during the interview and said I knew nothing of accounting other than what I learned in school and auditing. Considering two of the higher ranked people in my department are ex-auditors as well they said they understood.

However, starting from day one of getting hired I have received almost zero training. On a few things I was shown once how to do it, but considering some of it is complicated and only done once a month, when it came around again I really had no idea what I was doing.

To top of off, there were several territoriality disputes and I was told not to ask the prior people who ran the fund any questions, rather I was to ask a backup that was assigned to me. She is experienced but not in the fund (and like I said, funds are incredibly different). Unfortunately she hasn’t had the “time” to really train me either.

So here I am eight months later, I have gotten through end of year financial statements and am barely staying afloat. Still no training and while there are some things I am really good at, there are some things I just sort of push through trying to follow what they did in the prior year.

Now, just to give you another view of what is going on, that is just one fund issue. I was assigned three funds and to aid in helping two other governmental entities as well, so its not like I got a slow build up.

So while I know I am in no danger, part of my mind is screaming in panic that I am going to get canned. Add to this I have been out sick a week due to kidney stones and I may not be able to use my available vacation days due to some weird rule on how to use vacation.

The reason for this super long post is to get people a rough idea of my stresses, this way I can now focus on my issues in detail. Thanks for starting on the road to listening to m y issues.

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