Life has been interesting. I am looking at changing up my career choices. I don’t like what I do, with the fiery hate of a thousand suns. I am looking at going back to auditing. There were problems, but I liked the actual job.

I won’t say anything publicly negative about my current job, except to say it is definitely not for me. I have put my app in with SAO again, and talked with Casey my old manager. I am definitely rehireable, but my team doesn’t have any openings at the moment. I am going to look at the Cascadia team (they handle south of Lynnwood to North of Seattle from the water over the pass and on the other side of the mountains. I am also looking at Central King County.

I know CKC has openings coming up, and if I got the job it would be in Seattle area (about a 30 mile commute, not bad for auditing). The big advantage is CKC is the one team that gets a 5% pay bump because of the cost of living in the area.

I am also trying a couple of other governmental entities, and considering a CPA firm as an auditor (not a tax accountant like I did before).

Almost assuredly I will take a pay cut when I leave my current job (probably 500-1,000 a month). It means we would be living on a student budget, but I can swing it and the wife graduates next July/August so 12 months is all I would have to handle.

I was thinking about the reduction of money and of course part of me is worried, but the other part knows we have computers, computer games, tv and each other. I lived almost all my life with much less, so I shouldn’t be too worried.

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