Strange Dreams about models and graves

Last night I had a grouping of weird dreams. I suspect it came partially from being so tired. It was a great day, so maybe it was also because I was just too relaxed.

I don’t remember the entire dream, it started with a conversation with my father. I was talking about how he wanted his burial to happen. Somehow at this point it diverted into the idea I would bury a model soldier in a replica grave into the ground to represent my father. Basically take a 1:72 model, build a gravesite around it and put up a fake gravestone.

It then somehow shifted into me doing it for everyone who wanted their military family members to be remembered. I even ended up considering what land to buy so I could bury toy soldier models for anyone, for any time period… as long as they were actual people who had served.

I woke up disturbed by the dream. I honestly couldn’t tell you why I dreamt that, or even why it bothered me. However, it has been awhile since I talked about my dreams. I felt it was about time.

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