Sugar Britches

Lately there has been a long string of incidents where I post a point of view that isn’t lock-step with others in my equivalent social group. This has ranged from political, racism, sexism, “the transgendering” (yes that is not a real word but it is a real phrase used to me and those I love), privilege and even into personal tastes in entertainment.

The average scenario starts with me posting something provocative or counter to what others think. There is usually some support and some opposition to my post. This is absolutely normal and I expect it. Hell there are times when the conflict gets heated (and I love a good argument, because I was literally raised by human wolf pack).

At some point, someone feels hurt or put out (or says something about Jello – that is my nuclear button if you want to push it). Then they either flounce off or just stop talking.

I am always caught off guard by that, my family/friend background usually meant we all hugged at the end and laughed about it no matter how bloody it got (once again I know my experience growing up is not normal).

Then they all of a sudden post some passive aggressive crap about the situation (oh I note the irony that I am doing that here, but it happens so much I wanted to write about it). I never feel I should address their passive post, it is after all their journal/page and their right to do so.

I used to just boot people for being passive aggressive like that but it happens enough I stopped doing it (except if they bitch about jello then they are gone and I burn the ground and salt it, told you that was my nuclear button). However now I just mock it out loud and move on. Although I do have a message for those who are like that, it’s not politically correct but that isn’t my problem.

Guess what sugar britches. This would be a boring world if everyone agreed with each other. I don’t agree with a lot of people but it doesn’t bother me personally when it happens. If you want to be an open minded adult you may realize that not everyone thinks alike. I am not going to agree lockstep with other gamers because some gamers think everything is cool. I am not going to agree with other white guys that we are oppressed. I definitely won’t agree with most fiscal and social conservatives. Let’s just say to everyone, I probably won’t agree with everyone on everything (and contrary to what some believe I don’t even believe or like everything Jello likes… I know I know your mind is blown by that).

What I am saying to all of you sugar britches out there, get over yourself, not everyone has to agree with everything you believe. You can still like someone with differences. Oh and yes before we get anywhere I am an elitist jerk, but I am ok with that :).

Oh and this post might seem weird because I typed it on my iPhone and that is a lot harder than you would think.

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