Well, even though I am tired a lot from working, evidently my current job is less draining then my higher end prior job. I feel like doing things. I am running Shadowrun fairly regularly, I am starting to collect Warhammer 40k (and will start playing when I get my army built up enough), and I am considering a D&D or some other “easy running” game for Sundays.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get into Warhammer, but Vince and Chuck have gotten me interested. So interested in fact that I bought a Space Marine squad and Captain (Space Marines because they are a good neutral army to start with). These are the first figs I have bought and began to paint in 20 years. Also I just noticed how bad my eyes are, I am going to have to buy one of those lighted magnifying setups so I can paint, so I can keep my lines straight.


I decided to play a no-name Chapter. I don’t want a Chapter of Marines that has a specific paint scheme, I want to paint all different types of colors, above is the first squad painted about 3/4 of the way, of course after getting this far I have decided to paint my future Marines in German Wehrmacht colors (color scheme depending on squad). But I can always add four extra standard Marines painted differently if I need to.

I do plan on collecting a sizable Space Marine force, and then a second army that I am debating on. Once that is underway I want to also collect Bolt Action (World War II miniature game) and then finally Warhammer Fantasy. If nothing else I really like painting figs (and they will only get better from here).

I also want to play some Song of Blades, I need to pick up some generic fantasy figures for that though.

One other hobby I have gotten into is expanding my Youtube experience by opening a channel called “Things You Should Know”. Basically it will be short 5-10 minute videos on different subjects such as accounting/auditing, government workings (I find a lot of misinformation here), historical things, biography and gaming (such as reviews of game systems, gaming techniques, etc). I put the first one  up last week. I am working on a sizable list of future videos, should have them regularly starting sometime this week.

I posted my first video for the channel. I talk about the common myth that we pay a flat tax rate and thus if we get a raise, sometimes we actually lose money because of taxes. Fortunately for all of us, that isn’t true.

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