Strange dreams all night, the one with the most impact had me sitting in a burned out house, in the dark, and talking to my stillborn brother.

That hit hard.

It started with me sitting in what appeared to be a war torn area (or maybe super impoverished like Detroit, the destruction is similar).

It was cold, wet and dark out with sirens in the distance. I couldn’t really see much in front of me, just a cold mustiness with flashes of cop lights in the distance.

I was talking with someone a bit younger than me. I honestly don’t remember what I was saying, just that it was heavy.

I couldn’t see him clearly, and he kept listening. After I had finished it was silent for a few minutes. I could feel him lean forward and touch my arm, I think it was meant reassuringly. That is when I recognized who he was and I snapped wide awake laying in bed beside jello.

Normally that isn’t the brother I dream about. Normally it’s “Bear”, my actual living brother I talk with sometimes.

Dream definitely set me off in a weird mood today.

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