Delayed Death

I used to write down all my dreams, and there was some awesome sources for RPG games (also let me see what I was stressed out about). I figured I would try again.

Last night I dreamt a close friend named Sean died. I spent most of the dream with Jello looking through his stuff trying to figure out what happened. There were a lot of other people there, but they kept trying to walk off with his stuff. I spent a long time trying to keep people from grabbing things and running until we got his will read. (Sean you do have a will right?).

There were a lot of little details about a specific game Sean had been developing, and indications that it was something more. It was really clear in the dream, but unfortunately this long after waking up it has all blended together. There was something about how whatever Sean was working on let people survive as corporeal ghosts until the day ended (for the world, not for the current location).

I remember being incredibly sad in the dream, Sean is a little brother to me, and while I don’t get to see him as much as I used to it would be a horrific event if something happened to him.

I then walked out of his house and found myself in my old trailer that Jello and I owned. I was in the living room, the evening sun was streaming in and I found my little brother Derek setting up the video game in the same location that the computer he used all those years ago in that room. He looked up and me and asked if I would help him set up the game. I started setting up the game but something was wrong.

He smiled at me a little sadly and said he had until sunset in Spain before he passed on (which was just an hour or two from the dream time, even though I know logically Spain’s sunset is not the same time as our own). I realized that whatever Sean had been working on allowed Derek to stay around for awhile. I hadn’t been able to see Sean in the extra time he had, but I could see Derek. It was weird to hear my little brother I grew up with tell me he was dead and would be gone in a few hours and he wanted to play some video games on his way out.

I woke up at that, freaked out that Derek and Sean were dead. It was a rough morning.

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