Had another dream last night, once again I didn’t write it out immediately so it is a bit blurry.

It started out that I lived in what seemed to be an area much like Bellingham, except it was dead of winter and everything was iced over as if a bad snow/ice storm had occurred. The house I lived in looked partially burned down, things were all icy on the inside as well (as if it had rained, or perhaps the fire department had been there).

It was cold and I was wandering through the ruins of a giant house, then it morphed into along the streets. At some point the dream had morphed again into being on a large scientific vessel in the deep ocean. We ended up somewhere down in the artic. There seemed to be a huge ship that had been lost, we started exploring it as some sort of salvage type of experience.

As we explored the frozen ship, people started to go crazy. It was a bit like a horror movie, by the end of it some of my crew had bashed each other’s heads in, or killed each other or even themselves in some other pretty horrific horror movie, style. This occurred for quite a while. It appeared that we as the crew of the exploring ship, were exposed to something that made us all crazy. The remaining crew were hiding in different rooms and I was eventually approached by a group that they were going to kill me (they had been going room to room killing people). They had found me guilty for some crazy idea, that I couldn’t even explain now. I somehow talked them into letting me do it myself and they gave me an hour to finish the business.

It was about this time that I noticed we were near land, (as in only a couple hundred feet) and there was a town on the land. It appeared to be a nameless Canadian town (a Canadian chain restaurant I can’t remember now, maple leaf flag, etc). I jumped into the icy water and swam there instead of “taking care of myself”. I walked into the small town’s park in the center and I noted in the distance a couple of the buildings were on fire.

I also noticed screams and people being chased. Crazy parents having their kids play in the park, some of the kids had been killed and propped on swings. Other parents were encouraging kids to kill homeless while others appeared totally rational and going about their daily business (which seemed even crazier then the killers who were acting weird). I was sneaking through the town trying to find dry clothing and food.

I woke up at this time, unfortunately I needed to go to work. The fan was blowing cold air on me, so at least I understood why the entire dream took place in a frozen place.

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