Excited Possibilities

dodLast night I got an unexpected email. The Department of Defense gave me a tentative job offer to work as an auditor for the Defense Contractor Auditing Agency. I would get to audit defense contractors and ensure they are not ripping off the US government. My friend that works there now just recently found millions that the contractors were forced to pay back.

It was a real surprise since I hadn’t interviewed for the most recent set of openings. I interviewed last November, but wasn’t selected for one of those positions. When I hadn’t heard anything with these recent openings I figured I wasn’t hirable, then out of the blue this email.

I would mostly be working out of Boeing, where they have hundreds of contracts. My start date is set at the moment for August 11th, and the first three weeks are training (at least one week in Virginia).

This would be a pay raise slightly, and for the next three years I would get serious pay raise on each anniversary if I got moved up like I should. This comes at a really good time since my current agency is doing almost 40% layoffs and I am low man on totem pole for seniority.

We would move down south after Jello got a job offer, so we would know where to plant ourselves closely between the two jobs.

The only thing this job offer is waiting on is a security background check. I do worry a little bit with my father’s background (both when he was in the military and the things he did outside). I have never really been in trouble with the law. However, once I pass the background check the job offer is solid.

Working for the feds is awesome for many reasons. The pay is decent (better then state wages), the benefits are ok, retirement is similar to what I would get now with the state. The promotion potential is way better and the coolest part is that I can transfer to almost anywhere I want in the USA. Of course that won’t change until my parents pass, but it gives us a lot of options in the future.

Of course I am terrified as well. It will require a move (large expense), a second car for Jello (another large expense), I won’t be working from home anymore (sad) and I will be back on another probationary period. The County job has really freaked me out about probationary periods.

I think it is a really good thing, and you folks will undoubtably be stuck reading about it for weeks. I just thought I would say hi and tell you about it.

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