Quick update

I just wanted to drop by and say I haven’t forgotten. The move last week was pretty overwhelming (so much so I didn’t even do a Throwback Thursday). Work is going fine, I am learning and it seems steady. The reduction of commute is terrific. I cannot explain how nice it is to be home hours early. Honestly, it isn’t even just the amount of time, but the pure stress of driving for hours at a time.

Things are going great with Jello and myself, I love him so much!!! We did clean up the old apartment on Saturday, turned our keys in and then went to see my parents in Bellingham (only put a couple hundred miles on the car on Saturday).

Our new apartment is quite a bit smaller, but seems way more homey like. We put up curtains on Sunday and it got rid of that sterile apartment feelings that only having vertical blinds gives you. The weather is slowly cooling off (supposedly only 70s this week), I am really looking forward to the normal Pacific Northwest coolness so we can put away our air conditioner.

Well, I will wrap it up here, my goal is to write a lot more now that I have more energy.

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