Atlanta day 3

Journal note – exhausted so this will be brief :).

Day three in Atlanta went pretty well. I was feeling pretty rough the whole day, especially in the morning. I suspect I looked like a serial killer. However I got to call Jello and life perked up. You can see the transformation he has on me in the pictures below.


Serial killer look before jello
After talking with Jello

By the time I got back to the hotel after a day of classes, a friend of mine invited me to go to Flip Burger Boutique. We arrived (about 5 of us) and had some good burgers, and some pretty tasty shakes.

We ended up going back to the other hotel using UberX. That was actually more pleasant an experience then the far more expensive cab ride to the place. Surprisingly the cars used by UberX people here in Atlanta are owned by the drivers, whereas in Seattle my experience is most were owned by the company.

We then walked the 1.5 miles back to our hotel and I crawled in bed, talked to Jello and went to sleep (not a very good night sleep either).

So went my third day in Atlanta, it was decent with no weirdness.

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