Day 4 Atlanta

Day 4 in Atlanta, a bit under the weather.

I really don’t have much to say about day 4. Classes went ok, and as I sit with both the instructors and fellow new hires I actually feel a lot more confident that I am more than capable for this job.

There is always doubt in my head just because of who I work for and what I do, but it is turning out I am actually better trained in some basics then a lot of the people in the Agency, and well enough rounded otherwise to put me on level higher then my fellow classmates.

When I got home all I did was hang around my room. I have a cold (which is worse today) and only got about 4 hours of sleep again. The weird thing is I have taken more pictures of myself in the last three days then in the year before that. I have always had  problems with how I look, but this seems to be helping with that.

Author: agirlushouldknow

A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 29+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).

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