Sad Weekend

I posted Marmalade’s last official post on Facebook last night. He passed away Friday night. It was quick and unexpected and he was found on his way to the food bowl and it appeared in no pain. We have never had human children, but our animals are our kids. I wanted to share it here because I am having a hard time with my own words.

I passed away today. I had a great life, with the two bestest dads ever (Jello and Lucky). I ate all I could, I slept on my humans and occasionally would run around. I got healthy, gained weight and lived years longer than I would have before my dads found me.

My bigger dad will hopefully update this with my pictures, he was supposed to do this months ago but was busy. I think he was going to do it now, but I think he is crying at the moment and can’t do it yet. I hope it wasn’t me that caused it.

I worry about the two of them. Right now they don’t have anyone to watch over them, so I will stick around for awhile and do it as much as possible. I think I especially will miss watching over “shower time”.

I had always meant to have dad update this and do more videos, but dad was always too busy working on his other things. That’s ok though, I love both of them anyways.

I will always be here watching over the shower time, dropping off kibble when they hurt, and I hope someday they will let more vigilant kitties in to their house. I am not the first, I won’t be the last, but I won’t ever be forgotten.


I am sorry if you folks are stuck with lots of marmalade pics/posts in the next few weeks.

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