Old Building and Anxiety Dream

The sign for my dreams probably creepier.
The sign for my dreams probably creepier.

I woke up this morning (or should I say last night, around midnight on 9/6/15) with an anxiety inducing dream.

I dreamt I was living a huge wooden structure. It had families living in it, but I got the feeling shops used to be open as well. It was an older wooden structure, tattered, slowly collapsing into rot.

I lived in this building, as did my family and I think Jello. My age was hazy, it sort of went between being a high school age kid to being my current age depending on when I looked.

What I do remember was I kept losing teeth. I kept pulling chunks of my teeth out. Funny enough some of them were fillings, but when they got pulled out they were in the shape of miniature tools (one specific memory was the shape of an axe head, sort of like out of minecraft).

I just remember people rushing me down stairs, and evidently to a dentist on the bottom floor. There was lots of teeth pulling by the dentist (in real life I think I have had 8+ teeth pulled out when I was younger, I was poor and couldn’t afford dental care).

I got taken down to another set of rooms. I knew that my mom and siblings (young kids at the time) were moving to a different room downstairs.

I knew my dad was upstairs, and so I went up to see him. I found him in a bathtub in an old commercial attic. He was drunk, wearing a leather top hat (sort of like the one Slash used to wear). I noticed the floors of the attic were rotten and bubbling.

I was furious, asked him if he really started drinking again and he said yes.

I woke up super anxious. Naturally anything to do with my teeth and to do with my parents drinking is a huge button. The sucky part was I woke up around midnight. This just started a series of bad dreams (I would call them the level of nightmares) for the rest of the night.

I think I definitely need to take something to help me sleep tonight. At least it is a three day weekend and I have no obligations.

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