First day with Jello

coffeeYesterday was a pretty cool day, it was the first day Jello worked at the office along with 6 other new hires. I am a “sponsor” at my work. It is my job to help guide the newhires through our office etiquette, show them where the cafeteria is, walk them around and introduce them, etc.

I am not Jello’s sponsor, my person seems pretty cool though. However, all 7 new hires, and all 7 sponsors had to sit through 6+ hours of admin work, so it was boring. I am sure for the new hires they were both bored and confused, because that is how my office rolls.

The cool part is starting today I am going to carpool in with Jello. Now, he doesn’t get up as early as me, so I agreed to move my go in time from 6am to 730am. Part of me panics because it seems so late in the day. However, it is probably for the best, I end up with insomnia and not enough sleep because I have to be up by 4:30am normally to get in by 6. This way I have that extra hour and a half flexibility to sleep more.

I am also stoked just because Jello is my best friend as well as husband. I like seeing him, and once things settle we can go do things after work if we feel like it (or go home and get pizza, that is great too).

People do seem weirded out that I like working with him. They especially seemed caught off guard that we have worked together at many jobs. I usually respond that he is not only married to me but he is my best friend. They usually understand the best friend part, and liking to work with your best friend, but then they get hung up on why is my best friend my spouse.

My comment back is usually “Why aren’t you married to your best friend?”. That usually perplexes them and they wander off. I have been with him 25 years, evidently I am doing something right.

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