Brief update

coffeeI just wanted to give a brief update. I am still importing some of my old posts, but that will take time and honestly I have been distracted doing stuff for let’s plays :). I am having a hard time focusing on things, such as studying for my CPA or working on “Things You Should Know”. I haven’t posted to Accidentally Gay in quite a while, and I am not really interested in hanging out with people. I suspect my world is a bit topsy-turvy because Jello is once again leaving for training and I haven’t really settled yet. I do have some issues, and my life moved around like this definitely disrupts my life.

The other thing I am doing that I am really interested in is researching animation/movie making. I love working with my LPs (and with Things You Should Know when I am feeling better) and I would like to move up to learning how to make animated movies/animation. I would love to have a webcomic like situation but using movie shorts instead of drawing. I just downloaded blender (an open source movie making program) and I am looking at Source Filmmaker (unfortunately that is for Windows, although I do have bootcamp). Source Filmmaker is made to easily import source files from video games, then I can edit them. The blender is for the ground up editing. Is it weird that I like the creation of LP’s almost more than playing the video games themselves?

I figure I will just start from the ground up, probably post my progress like I do my LPs. I think I will just use my LP reference of “What Was I Doing Again?” Productions. Don’t worry this won’t effect my LPs. evidently I do enough of them at one time I end up scheduled way out. Also I plan on starting Fallout 4 at some point here, so lots of video game playing is still in my future.

What I really need to do is get back to studying for my CPA. I will look at doing that either while Jello is gone until 12/12/15 or I will start after Christmas. I know the CPA is the intelligent thing to do, just hard to be inspired in my career now (not sure if its just depression, Jello being gone, or my job is draining my desire to work in my profession).

Maybe this is just Christmas blues, I always get depressed around this time, it is just with Jello being gone it makes it worse.

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