Dream 5/28/16

I realize it has been awhile since I talked here. I think I am still dealing with my dad passing (and it is just coming out now in dribs and drabs). Even so, I remembered my dream last night, got up and wrote it out. Here it is in it’s fully 2am glory (with misspellings and grammar suck galore).


Wolsey and I were traveling down in the south. Not Atlanta or some big city, but for some reason we had to go to out in the backwater deep south. It was a very small town that the dream started in.

It was the two of us, normal every day married us. We were in a small restaurant and it was incredibly warm. It was a little less a sit down restaurant and more like a weird kitchen/dining area.

We were both incredibly nervous about being down here. We were itchy, hot and sweaty and the people made us nervous. I couldn’t tell why we were down here but probably work.

Wolsey had developed a few huge sores that were starting to weep. We were both worried about infection but we were more worried about the people. The food was weird as well. We picked at the food but it wasn’t the food that I know exists in the south, it was a little more strange (maybe bugs, or infested with bugs). A lot of fear of rotten food.

Locals talked to us a little. They set us up a room to be in. At first it was a common room area, where Wolsey and I sat nervously. There was several other people. They weren’t Innsmouth people from the northeast, but some sort of Southern version (not necessarily fish people like the HP Lovecraft story, but something was off).

Wolsey’ was terrified about them realizing were were a married same sex couple. Wolsey’s sores were hurting him, it was hot and sweaty and the people kept staring at us. Some other little stuff happened but as I am sitting here typing I can’t quite remember.

We knew we had to get out of there, we ended up deeper into the little town. We had to avoid a huge puddle (several dozen feet across) of standing water that was infested with mosquitos and other bugs. The building was a shack and we were hiding in the dark front area. Something was wrong and we knew it.

There was an old diseased dog that wouldn’t leave us alone. Wolsey was sure other people were following the dog to find us. While we sat there trying to figure out what to do I pulled up my shirt and my skin had started to have an infection. A lot like the time I had a skin infection at the CPA firm but worse and weepier. Meanwhile Wolsey’s hadn’t spread, but just so deep (the small wounds).

We were interrupted by a local. He was younger, thick set with glasses and greasy hair. He approached us and said to come inside and make it easy on ourselves. Wolsey was terrified of him taking us in (not scared/hiding type, but starting to get aggressive). He made a motion at Wolsey and I was on him.

Killing him took a long time. I was able to get him down but I couldn’t get his head to smash easily against a fallen tree that was outside the shack easily. The other problem is he was a big guy too, so he struggled against me. It was hot, he was big, but eventually he stopped moving.

Wolsey was ok, so I didn’t freak too much after the struggle. We could hear others looking for us though and the dog kept staring, it’s face a mess of infection. I couldn’t get the dog to go away, so I grabbed a tool (I believe it was a very large screwdriver with a bent tip).

I tried to kill the dog quickly. The second I went to kill him, he became mostly invisible. I could feel his head, it was there, but to my vision it was gone. I don’t think it was a power, or that the dog did that itself. It was just that I couldn’t see him. I struggled with an invisible shape. It wouldn’t die, people were getting closer and Wolsey was trying to find a place for us to hide out (I believe he had somehow hidden the human body).

Eventually I could feel the screwdriver sink into the dogs jaw/mouth area, (still no dog visible, just my arm/hand/screwdriver). I had to slowly force it into his head, I could feel the flesh splitting in my hands and the whimpering coming from the dog.

I got desperate, I don’t ever want to hurt an animal but we were trapped and they were using him to track us. So I pushed the took deeper into the maw of the invisible dog, pushing it into its throat and then down into its abdomen (as if shoving something in its mouth, and down its digestive system internally). It wouldn’t die and I was desperate I kept shoving the tool in and out of the internal organ area of the dog hoping it would die soon.. Not just because we had to kill it so they couldn’t find us, but also because I didn’t want it to hurt. However, it just kept whimpering.

As the dream ended, the last thing I remember was Wolsey trying to get me to come with him quickly, the invisible dog still moving around (it had never tried to attack me once) with my arms wrapped around it and the screwdriver in its face/throat/abdomen, and people approaching in the hot afternoon in the South.

I HAVE NEVER KILLED AN ANIMAL BEFORE, this was just as horrific for me as it was for you. Obviously an anxiety dream.

I am working on a bunch of different blog things, but I think I am going to be posting here a lot in the future. Be prepared as my scout master said! Until then, hopefully I have better dreams.

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