Lesson 1: Pre-Dawn Photography #1

I haven’t really gotten to play with my new camera much. I have taken a bunch of random photos, but not really discovered what I am doing with it yet. I do plan on adding a photography portfolio here, but until then I figure I will just do regular posts.

Lesson 1: Low light photography not as easy as you would think.

I woke up on May 21st just at sunrise. I hadn’t ever really attempted pre-dawn photography before other than quick snaps with my phone. I kept two pics to remind me what I need to learn. Which is a lot btw.

I didn’t realize that the camera keeps the shutter open longer to gather in light if there isn’t a lot of light around it. It is rather straightforward when you think about it, but I hadn’t considered it at all. The second part of my lesson is how heavy and awkward that camera is when you are waiting for it to take in enough light. Here you can see where my hands shook.

Didn’t realize I needed a tripod.

It had dawned on me that I may actually need the tripod. While I appreciate the squiggly lines, I of course wanted to take a clean picture. Sadly, my tripod was put away, so I placed my camera on the porch balcony. It resulted in a better picture, but still not what I wanted.

Not what I wanted, but better than expected.

So it turns out that I will need to brace the camera. I will take that more seriously now and keep the tripod where I can set it up. The shot isn’t as clear as I want, but I couldn’t point it directly at anything since it was sitting on the balcony. I know it is similar if I try and take a photo of the moon or stars, with the light. I guess I will be utilizing my tripod now :).

Also I think that is Mars to the left and down low on the horizon.


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