DAZ3D Lesson 1 – Guided Tour I: Getting Started

I finished the first tutorial inside DAZ3D. It is the Guided Tours – Getting Started tutorial. Basically it was walking me through the steps, how to manipulate buttons and getting started.

My first DAZ3D Artwork (from tutorial).

The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was how long the render time for the most simple scene. If I get serious, I am going to have to upgrade my computer. It runs pretty well now, it is an iMac but its over 4 year old model so a bit sluggish.

I can see both the ease of setting up scenes, using assets and making it work, along with the difficulty needed if you want to make it pop. I am not satisfied with default backgrounds, at least not the ones I have. The lighting I can use some work on, but overall first “artwork” I have done that is visual in years.

This just makes me more interested in learning Blender as well. The creation of assets in blender and moving them over to DAZ3D or the other way around provides a lot of options.

This is good as a start.

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