Ghostlife: Bathroom Rituals

Ghost has always had some weird habits that he must have picked up before we got him. As old as he is, I am sure we have only scratched the surface. I figure I will post randomly when I see him do something that is unusual.

However, the habit I am talking about now is his need to sit on your feet. He has always had a fascination with feet, but if you are on the toilet that is when he is the happiest. He will come shooting over from anywhere else in the apartment and lay down on your feet and start purring. Now, he will do this anywhere we are, but the bathroom, especially on the bathroom rug, is his most perfect place.

No bathroom picture, but I have this one.

I always wonder why that makes him the happiest. What possibly could he have been doing in the past that sitting on my feet while I am sitting on the toilet would be a great thing for him. It is a question for the ages.

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