A lot of people don’t understand why I am not satisfied with my current employment. I get paid more than I probably ever will again, for a job that is much easier than any job I will have in the future. I have many reasons I am not satisfied, one of the reasons for my dislike is the travel.

I realize it is normal for a lot of couples to spend time away from each other. I hear from some people “that’s healthy”, but not for me. Before this job, over 22 years of marriage I had only been away from my husband for maybe three days at most. Since I started my job in 2014 however I have spent 4+ weeks a year away from him, the pay, the ease of job isn’t worth it to me.

It is probably partially because my parents didn’t spend time away from each other. The only time they did was when it was forced by outside forces (primarily if my dad had to do any time in jail). Other than that, in their entire 46-year marriage they never spent a day away from each other.

I hate being away from him, I would rather work in fast food, living paycheck to paycheck then to spend a night from him. Eventually I will be in a position to change this situation. I won’t wait for some “future date” when all my student loans will be paid off, it will be sooner than later, much sooner.

However, for now at least I have to take a flight this morning to Atlanta where I will stay for five days (one weekend day and four weekdays). I will just be counting down the hours until I can come home to him.

One thought on “Travel

  1. I don’t think you have to justify, to anyone, what makes you happy and why. I know you know this but wanted to say it anyway.

    To me true freedom or happiness is to be able to do what you want when you want. If one knows what makes them happy–it will take money to do what makes them happy because at the very least one will need water, food, shelter, clothes, etc to do it unless being homeless makes you happy. Even that takes energy. I think money can buy happiness. It also solves a lot of problems. What good is money if you are miserable most of your waking hours or can’t do what makes you happy because you are tired and don’t have much time because of work? I rather be poor or struggling pay check to paycheck if I’m happy then miserable and have enough money to live comfortably. I think your thinking is right. I think life is too short to not find a way to do what you need and want.


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