My first clothing

I have a ton of things I want to talk about. My feelings, my situation, just about everything you can imaging. I also want to research a bunch of things as well, specific things about the process, support groups etc. However, you know what has been the first actual thing I focused on.


The hubby picked me up some clothing. Nothing big or in depth. I am not currently out about being trans and I couldn’t go with him because I am housebound due to an injury. He brought me back a few things and they fit pretty well.

I found that at 6’2″+ and 295-300lbs I fit a 3XL from Target. Honestly better then I expected. The leggings fit is a little off though. I haven’t started hormones yet so my fat deposits are still in a fairly masculine arrangement and the clothing definitely does not fit around my hips, they just slide off.

That being said, my husband is my hero. With is transition from FtM he can give me insights into the feminine world that I haven’t access to. The other great thing is that he sews costumes so he can accommodate my current figure.

I would post more, but it is dangerously close to my feelings and I think that will wait until later. I just wanted to say my husband is awesome.

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