1st Day Taking HRT (day 1)

Today is the day, I am taking HRT for the first time!

My first dose 4/4/18

I am both excited and terrified. I am incredibly excited for my future and how I can express who I am. I am terrified of how this will impact my husband and our ability to make a living. He is completely supportive, and I am especially fortunate he understands since he went the other way.

I had to go pick up the meds today and so at 0830 I was there waiting for my script. The pharmacy tech was really nice and got me my meds fast. The weird part was no one talked to me about the meds or any instructions. 

The reason this is weird is the pharmacies always require us to listen to a pharmacist. Last Monday I was picking up vitamin D and they made me wait around for the pharmacist to tell me how to take it (even though I was already taking it). Yet for a hormone that is my first time receiving, nothing from a pharmacist.

This isn’t a big deal at all, was just a surprise. The tech was really nice though and asked if I was just starting and I said yes. He smiled broadly and wished me luck.

So I got home and since its twice a day I waited until the evening time for the dosage. That way I could take it with my hubby there. He was very supportive as well and I felt pretty safe.

Oh, and only a slight bit of indigestion after taking it (having eaten some KFC).

I am a fortunate girl, I think it might be a wild ride but I am looking forward to the rest of my life.

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