HRT Appointment

Yesterday I went and saw my PA-c who will be handling my HRT. To be honest I was terrified she might be a gatekeeper, she might be judgmental, she might try and slow roll me.

I was wrong.

Colleen (I won’t use her last name just to keep some privacy until I come out publicly) was absolutely fantastic. She was funny, sarcastic and vaguely inappropriate in the right way.

She had no problem with the hubby being there and we all talked for about an hour and a half. She did ask me the normal questions, which I answered to the best of my ability. She was understanding of the situation and she didn’t even blink about starting me out on HRT immediately.

I did ask her about progesterone, she went over some of the most recent findings and after listening to her I had to agree I don’t think at least at this time I want to take that on top of the other two meds. She didn’t even start me on a half dose that I can tell.

I got estradiol 2 mg tablet x2 per day (for 4mg) and spironolactone 100 mg x2 per day (for 200mg). Those both seemed to be pretty in line with other ladies receive. I will come back in six weeks and get retested and see her again just to make sure everything is going ok.

We did end up going to the pharmacy that was part of her clinic and they were out of estradiol. They asked if we could come back, but since we don’t live in that city yet (that will be end of June/early July) we had them ship them to our normal pharmacy.

I am terrified about a lot of things right now, but not about what the HRT will do to me. I haven’t felt this sure about something in any of my life except for when I said yes to my husband when he proposed. The terror about everything else though will wait until tomorrow. I won’t worry about dealing with it. I have good news and that is what is important.

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