Changes in Website Use

Originally this blog was purely going to become a transition blog. Just basing my observations as I transition from AMAB to who I really am. I did something similar for my experiences when my husband transition, but I don’t think I want to do it that way. I think I want to just make this my home.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed having a separate blog detailing my life as what appeared at the time a heterosexual male who’s “wife” had transitioned to being my husband, thus making us a newly minted homosexual couple, and what I went through. It worked, it helped me a lot. I was still able to separate most of my personal posts away from that though on my old personal blog.

I don’t think I can do this with myself transitioning. It effects every single thing in my life, and as I shift from someone who appears as a feminine but yet extremely masculine looking viking type man to who I am going to become, that isn’t going to ever be a separate part of my life.

I am not sure how to handle my old journal (and subsequently current journal). I may refer to it for interested readers to read my earlier posts and not try and roll any old posts over here. I do have a LOT of book, movie and tv reviews. Maybe I will keep those as a totally separate blog as well. A lot of authors, and other creative people follow it. Maybe that is the best way, keep my reviews at one spot, my old pre-transition blog at another (never to be updated) and use this for my life.

I really like the thought of not trying to separate my transition from my other posts, not sure how I could do it anyways without leaving something out. I will see about updating the tagging of what I have already done so it is all looking good here.

So I guess you are all stuck reading about my personal life.

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