Capitalism Sucks

Well it happened a little earlier than expected, but I got asked by my job to do something I felt was wrong. To change my opinion (or at the very least minimize) as an auditor/financial person on some risk assessments.

I can understand why they asked, they want to do things with money that might seem to them the right thing, regardless of the financial risk and that is fine with me. They want to help the community, although my input would be maybe the money should go to someone who isn’t so risky. My job is purely the review of it financially, and I knew they probably would ignore what I said and that was ok. It is sort of how the governmental system works sadly.

What I didn’t like was them coming back to me and asking me to change it, or at least take away my “judgment”. Even though the last set of answers I was supposed to give was my professional judgment.

The worst part is I can’t really say no in the end. I just went in debt almost $40,000 for my face the same day they asked this. Don’t get me wrong, the surgery is paid for and they can’t put you in jail for owing money, but I know the hubby will feel pressured if my job fails and that means I will just shove my anxiety and anger at this down into a hole.

This is just my way of venting. I don’t have a lot of places to do it, so you are all stuck with it.

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