Gendered Correctly for the first time

Just a quick selfie the morning of 4/4/19. I was wearing a nice sweater too.

It happened finally, when I was in the drive through of a local McDonald’s. I was dressed femininely, was in a good mood and just chatted with her in the window for a few moments. As I pulled away she didn’t blink or hesitate, just just smiled at me and said “Have a good day Mrs.”

I don’t pass fully yet and I know it. I don’t particularly expect a lot of recognition. I am at the stage now when I don’t pass as straight, and not even gay anymore. I am fairly firmly at the mid-point of being obviously trans. I have accepted it and move don.

I find it only bothers me when I get a negative reaction, just like it would anyone else. However I do like the way I look far better now then at any point in time.

I just wanted to share my first public, stranger involved encounter that I was gendered correctly without someone doing an exaggerated looking me over, or asking me if they should refer to me as a she. It made my day.

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