My privilege, an introduction to what I see.

I know that a lot of my posts are stressed out. Money, emotional baggage and societal issues are fairly overwhelming in my life. It is true, we are $40,000 in debt just to my face, another $140,000 in student loans and we are stuck working in fields neither the hubby or I like.

That being said, I am incredibly fortunate that I can call upon the credit needed for my transition, that I am white and in a middle class career field. So many others like my husband and myself don’t have an option to borrow money. I do say being in debt is better than not being able to transition and I see both the privilege and the luck I have had in being in this position.

My future goals is to dig out of this debt over next 5+ years and if possible give back so I can help others who don’t have that access. If nothing else to help those that need binders, or need smaller amounts of money for HRT or small procedures.

I just wanted to quickly post that no matter how stressful things are, I realize and acknowledge that my position is better off than many. It doesn’t change how much I hurt, or my stress, but it does temper my reaction sometimes. I just wanted everyone who reads this to know I see it.

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