This was originally a Facebook post I posted earlier this morning, so if it isn’t cogent… I blame Facebook.

People make me tired. This is a long rant so please scroll on by if you are inclined.

I was in a line at Safeway yesterday standing behind this older looking guy (but probably not really any older than me). He is a little shorter than me and I am dressed in my blue skirt and a black top (with red under shirt). I am grumpy, but I am feeling fairly good with my look.

He stares at me, looks away, turns back and stares again but this time makes some sort of “hrummph” sound, looks away, looks back and makes a motion with his hand and mutters “what?”

The spirit of my father John Bradley came to me. I didn’t even mean to say it but I turned, looked at him and said “Are you jealous I am 2 inches taller or longer?” I knew it had hit hard on him before the words were finished. I don’t know if he was more annoyed by the height, or the length portion of the comment, but whatever it was all I could think was “torpedo los”

I turned away and looked at the cashier who had a vaguely worried look something was going to happen. The bagger and the checker in the next aisle over busted out in laughter and the guy’s face went beet red and he glared for a moment, looked me up and down and stomped away.

Side note, the cashiers know me as a regular and the one that busted out laughing had waved to me in greeting across the aisles shortly before this engagement.

I went home and told Wolsey who thought it was funny (and it was, I can be witty when I don’t think about it). I then went into the bedroom and promptly cried. Also, I felt stupid while I cried for crying… ya it went like that. I regret ever ignoring or trying not to understand when women cried in an argument. Things seem to process different (and I still haven’t gotten a grip on it). I wish I could relay this effectively to most guys, but they wouldn’t get it without experiencing it.

I am tired… so tired already of that shit. Almost every day this week there have been comments and looks. It is getting worse and I can’t tell if its just a bad week, or if my looks are shifting enough to cause a more pushy reaction.

Hell, even earlier in the morning at Biscuits Cafe I had some douchebag pointing me out to his girlfriend/wife. I thought Wolsey was going to get up and punch him in the face, but he didn’t. That is certainly a weird change with me being the one that would want to get up and do that for decades, now he seems to have taken that role (and he is pretty good at that).

Earlier this week we had lunch at the Dirty Oscar’s Annex (excellent burgers and staff btw), and some dip shit kept staring, pointing, laughing and talking about/at me. Wolsey almost got up there as well.

That was so blatant that at the end of the meal the woman came over and tried to make it clear they were staring at and talking about Wolsey’s burger… She was obviously trying to clean up the douchebagness of her date/husband/whatever. I did appreciate that. They probably overheard Wolsey debating walking over there.

Ya… I am just tired.



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