365 Project – April 2020

Welcome to my first 365 project that I have done in over two years. This is a compilation of pictures spanning the month of April 2020. We were stuck in COVID/STAY AT HOME situation so it’s mostly selfies and a few of hubby.

I will upload older months as I finish them (I have started the process to go back), and the new months as they come every time a month ends. I will upload more personal videos later, hopefully, it will include some vlogging.

I do apologize a little for all the selfies. I hated myself for 30+ years and hated pictures. I actually kind of like who I am now. So maybe I am not as sorry.


Hélice by Monplaisir is licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License. https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Monplaisir/Bonjour_from_Paris_Nantes_and_Montreal/Monplaisir_-_Bonjour_from_Paris_Nantes_and_Montreal_-_01_Hlice

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