It’s On!

I called into my surgeon today and low and behold… we are on for my surgeries. As of June 12th, I will be getting my breast augmentation, lip feminization, and lower face feminization (extended facelift).

The COVID stay at home order has been good for a lot of things. We stay at home putting our money away instead of spending it. That means I have 3/4 of the money saved away for my portion of the surgery. The remaining 1/4 will take the rest of summer but by the end of summer this should be paid for (although we are still paying for last year’s FFS).

I am both incredibly excited, and honestly a little overwhelmed. I hadn’t realized that the whole COVID situation bothered me, but I suspect it has bothered me a lot more than I realized. As soon as my good news came, my defenses came down and now I am having an anxiety attack.

I am sure the other part is anxiety about the surgery. What if it doesn’t work? What if something bad happens and I come out worse? What if I eventually have to learn how to deal with myself with no surgery coming up to lay all my problems off on? I suspect that the last question is the one I will be dealing with.

However, for now I can put it off. This surgery will be June 12th, our pre-0p is May 29th and our postop visit is June 15th. I am scheduled off from work until mid-July and I plan on arranging a flight down to Arizona for electrolysis starting mid/late August and going every 8 weeks until my face is done (well also my groin, we have that too).

This doesn’t even count my June 5th visit to the urologist about the Peyronie’s Disease. Someday I won’t have surgeries and appointments like this. I think that will be both a fantastic and scary/stressful thing.

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