I don’t know why but I am starting to come out of the funk that I have had since the start of the year (I am fairly sure COVID didn’t help, plus seasonal issues). I am excited to get back into my gaming, photography, and video editing routines.

I just wrote up 5 weeks worth of Things You Should Know Civil War scripts, almost finished with the first of the videos for it. I already have some stuff set up for my People You Should Know videos. This is in addition to some new stuff coming out as well.

Yesterday we went out for one of our walks and I took photos of a local church to be a part of my Pierce County photography project (this is for the church project – photos of the churches in the area, I have other projects such as the bridge project, urban art project, and the parks project). I will post the galleries here as well, so don’t worry you will get to be overwhelmed with my photography mastery… ok that was too much sarcasm ;).

What it really means is that I think I am starting to feel better. The upcoming surgery has made me somewhat hopeful, and I am starting to like my life again.

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