Drones (dreams)

I woke up this morning with another strange dream. It is fading and I am sure there are details I am missing, but here is the gist.

I was wandering in a large building looking for something. I couldn’t tell you what gender in the dream I was (I still dream more of being a boy then a girl… which is funny because before my transition I dreamt pretty often of being a girl, I think that is a bit of dysphoria still hanging with me). I was searching for something, and I knew something was looking for me.

I stepped outside after endless corridors and I was on a steep hill, just at the very top, where it slopes down both sides (sort of like the spine of a mountain, but only just a tall hill). Ahead of me I could see choppers flying around drunkely, slewing across the airspace around buildings.

Not unlike this

I could see one crash ahead of me and even feel the heat faintly from it hitting the office building. Others kept circling and I kept yelling at someone to get down, keep hidden.

We were moving across the spine of the hill, trying to use it as cover from the other side. One of the helicopters came flying over head and for some reason it started crashing near us. I couldn’t tell you what caused it to crash, but I knew it wasn’t normal.

I heard a whining sound and I ducked down and missing me by inches was a tiny drone, about four feet long and shaped like an F-14 tomcat fighter model. It wasn’t full plane, just a toy model that was evidently made of steel or something else hard because it hit about 10 feet away and sunk deep into the ground. Easily with enough force to kill me.

I had a model like this as a pre-teen to teen years. Probably why I recognized it. Mine wasn’t steel.

All of a sudden four more flew in and each one got a foot or so closer to me as they impacted the ground. I was screaming at whoever was with me to hunker close to the ground and try to let the hill protect us. It seemed like the angle of the hill was such that they couldn’t quite get a straight shot as the shadow of the hill kept the drones from getting the right angle.

I noticed though they kept getting closer and I started rolling away. I was panicking that they were going to explode and I knew they were way too close if they did do that.

That is when I woke up, sweating, breathing hard and thinking I probably couldn’t roll fast enough away from the ones coming as I woke up hearing the whining of several more.

I am sure that was all just an anxiety dream, but it was pretty real and intense and I felt I would share it without any other input.

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