First Vlog Update 10-06-20

Date: 10-06-2020

Hi Everyone, welcome to A Girl U Should Know’s videos.

Up until recently, this has just been a storehouse of my 365 Project videos. Of course my Video Game Let’s Plays Channels, yes that’s more than one and Education Channel are separate. However, over the next few weeks, I am going to be uploading old vlogging videos I did before transition, and short video clips.

They definitely won’t look like me or my hubby look now, and they will be of wildly varying quality as I have never thought about being a YouTuber or anything like that, they are really just personal vlogging entries, reviews or other rants. You also might get clips of people and animals who are no longer with us.

They will be uploaded to here from my old and dead channels that I had sometimes uploaded more than a decade ago. I am considering eventually doing some personal vlogging, we will see if that comes to fruition.

Oh, and today you don’t get any live video imagery of me, I currently have several days’ growth of beard as I prepare to fly down for a dozen hours of electrolysis, so you got to see photos of my life just like a 365 Project video. I will be adjusting the navigation on the channel as well with different playlists, so don’t be surprised by any changes here.

Thanks for watching and maybe soon you will get actual current vlogs and small clips of current day events uploaded. Until Next Time, take care.

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