Old Vlog Project – Throwback Vidoes

I just happened to come across a ton of old vlogs on some of my old channels and in some in my files (and some from the hubby, but those are a different thing). I have downloaded them and I think I might repost them here.

They are outdated and before my transition, but like everything else I like to keep a record and I am going to upload them here. I had considered just uploading them to the old-time period, but in the end, I decided I would add them as new posts here since I might add some flash or commentary to them. I also will probably add a transcription below it in case some people can’t play videos.

These are a work in progress so I assume as I develop some flash for this website for videos they will be added to later posts, but for now, they are still minimal.

Most of these are before I learned anything real from my other youtube channels and most of them are 6 or more years old so please forgive my poor presentation ;).

Be gentle ❤

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