Thanksgiving was rough and other updates.

I have been remarkably silent, especially after posting that last post… oh a full month ago. Shit sorry about that.

This month was a lot rougher than anticipated, but also it has been great. I haven’t really progressed any further posting or even delving into the subject I didn’t actually cover in the last post, so yes just some passive references this post about it.

Thanksgiving was great being with my husband. I thoroughly enjoy being with him and to be honest the pandemic doesn’t really bother me too much if I can be stuck at home with him.

My therapist has done a lot with me, but it feels like so little. I understand this will take years to unpack, but I have always been one of those people that needs immediacy. That being said, even though it causes me to clam up, the therapy itself is going great even if it is the roughest part of my life right now.

Part of my therapy is trying to work through my feelings, that requires output. The only thing that I have written about my life that has been kept longer than a few months is my blog, albeit with lots of missing information as it gets moved between platforms.

Because of that I am probably going to start crossposting my pictures from instagram directly on to the blog. Currently I have a widget on the sidebar that sometimes works showing instagram, but honestly that account (as well as facebook and the others) is more likely to be closed by me then me losing this overall blog. So you will get stuck with photos here as well… haha sorry, not sorry.

The idea of trying to focus on one thing is difficult when I have a blog or journal (unless its a game/campaign journal). I have gotten a lot of weird feedback telling me how I am supposed to curate my blog. I woke up a few days ago and thought “fuck them”. I like to just be random, that is what I do and who I am.

That is why I plan on hoping on and writing inane things, not just something “insightful”. I am not a celebrity, nor am I running a business with this so I think I am going to start ignoring the “cultivate your message” bullshit. This is my diary, my random and inane diary. Sorry for all of you :).

I did post a photo on Reddit got almost 20k upvotes, just of me and the hubby. I was so happy to be with him and I posted about it and evidently it struck a nerve. It just reinforced how rare what I have with my husband is, and how much I love him.

I love my husband so much, especially after 28 years of a wonderful marriage and 33 years of being best friends (oh and almost 30 years of relationship)

It did dawn on me that this is getting long with no real payoff for anyone so I will wrap it up to say that I apologize now if you get deluged with small posts, picture posts, etc. My most favorite way of blogging was my old school livejournal where I just posted everything, and that is my plan now.

Thanks for reading.

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