Dreams: Old Warehouse

The dream is mostly fading away, but it involved me wandering through an old abandoned warehouse or large supermarket (I am sure this is directly linked to watching one of my LPs with hubby in Last of Us 2 when exploring the abandoned supermarket). I don’t think I was any younger during this dream, I think I was like I am now (my almost 50-year-old girl self).

The hubby was with me, along with some other friends. It was an old burned-out place and we were looking for something. Eventually, we ended up back at a circle in the warehouse and we were all talking. As it went around the circle a little boy tried to describe his Minecraft adventures, explaining he had made or was trying to make (it all blurs) a video game let’s play.

About the age of him in the dream.

Very soon I recognized that little boy as my little brother, what he looked like at age 5-7 or so. I tried repeatedly to give him the quiet from everyone so he could tell us what he did, tell us all about his let’s play. He wasn’t able to make it come out though and the dream faded as I woke up.

I woke up really upset that he couldn’t talk about what he was trying to say. I realize of course that it is probably not any of that, but processing about my little brother and my worries from him. I had realized before falling asleep he had tried to call, left a VM because the phone wasn’t on me when hubby was doing my hair.

Sadly, actually not sad because it is good for him, my brother is in rehab right now so he cant receive calls and can only call out at a very limited schedule. I worry about him, but I know he has somewhere to sleep, food and is warm.

It isn’t hard to see the connection of why the dream happened and why it bothered me, combined with the last several years of interactions. Still annoyed that it bothered me so much though. Part of me wishes I could just bury it like I did everything for 46 years, but I know its healthy to process, even if there is a huge backload.


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