Projects for 2021

I decided this year to do some different things. I still have my three youtube channels, but I am only putting up videos as I want to, not worrying about getting multiple videos a week published. That frees me up for a lot of time to work on things. I realize it is sad for subscribers, but let’s be honest I won’t be a Youtube Rockstar no matter how hard I push.

My New Year's Resolution is to make no resolutions... and to drink more  wine, cuss more, eat more bacon, eat more bacon, and to eat more bacon! |  Seasonal Ecard
Not resolutions, just projects.

Photography, I love it and it is definitely on the top of my list. However we are still in pandemic time and honestly there is only so many selfies, cat pictures or pics of the husband. I don’t have a big project scheduled to work on until things lighten up (but I do have several sitting, such as the churches and bridges of Pierce County). This will happen, but only as the situation allows.

I want to read more. I normally target my goal of 52 books a year for GoodReads and I am pretty good at that target (I need to fill in the final 2020). However, the last part of 2020 was fairly book light. The pandemic for whatever reason had shrunk down my book reading instead of increasing it. So I am back to read 52 this year as well. The good news is that I already got two down as of yesterday (I love audiobooks).

My biggest project is a mishmash of writing. I am aiming for an average of 2,000 words a day, no matter what it is. That seems like a lot, but I do a whole ton of writing for gaming, campaigns, etc that no one sees. That will count. I wonder if I can hit 1 million words in a year. I think I will use Grammarly to track for that.

How To Improve Writing Skills For Kids: 14 Easy Tips

Gaming at this moment is on the back burner. I don’t have enough reliable players to fill a group, we will come back to that though when things ease up for people. Instead, I do want to see about rereading some old books I wrote or partially wrote and see what I can keep and what to put aside. The big portion of this writing will be to go through all my old campaigns for all the systems.

I got a notice from Google that they are going to start deleting old accounts and old files that aren’t touched. My stuff is backed up and scattered across multiple accounts (mostly due to the WAVE fiasco that google also closed). Back in 2010 I lost decades of campaign notes/ideas/jotted down action reports because I hadn’t seen their notice of shutting it down, then when I hopped on , it was all gone. That was tough… so much stuff lost.

So many campaigns

At the end of last year, I downloaded everything I could for all the campaigns. Some of these campaigns contain 4 or more campaigns in those folders (such as Burning Twilight – 4 campaigns at least, Shadowrun 5 campaigns at least, Call of Cthulhu at least 3, and Project Hidden at least 3). It was a lot of files.

So I decided this year that I will go through and clean/combine them. There are several campaigns that are spread out over actual decades of real-time. I think I might start with my DND and work my way through all the campaigns, compiling them together and organizing them into settled worlds. Take the rules from each incarnation I like and just set them up. Of course, I will keep all the campaign-specific adventures as well in their own sections.

This way, maybe I can eventually write them up into books, make enough for a Starbucks drink! LOL nah at the very least I want them for future use. It is funny, I have ran games for more than 30 years and all the campaigns could be run again. I do think though my age and experiences would probably shape how I presented them though.

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