Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich… and a disgusting human being.

Movie/TV Show: Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich
Series: Netflix Documentaries
Genre(s): Documentary, True Crime
Release Date: May 27, 2020
No of Episodes: 4
Studio: Netflix
Director: Lisa Bryant
Length: 227 minutes

Summary: Stories from survivors fuel this docuseries examining how convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein used his wealth and power to carry out his abuses.

My Thoughts: This show is huge on the triggering aspect, and brought up a lot of personal stuff for me. I might post about it in the future, but right now trying to address it. Consider carefully if you want to see something like this before watching it. It is definitely not a feel-good show.

I personally found this to be an extremely intense true-crime drama. The details are more shocking than what the news itself will tell you and your heart breaks for all the little girls that were abused.

I wish he hadn’t died myself. He should have paid with the remaining years in a deep dark hole that they pull him out of to testify against the other powerful people. The show did not address rumors that someone else killed him, they stayed away from conspiracy theories. However, I left it feeling that it is even more possible that someone else had him killed to shut him up. He was able to mysteriously escape so many legal issues with contacts that had a lot of power.

The show did leave me wanting to make the other rich and powerful who were involved to pay as well.


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