Instructions for US Servicemen in Britain in 1942, correct and patronizing at the same time

Book (Audio): Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain in 1942
Series: US Department of War Instructions
Genre: US Govt Manual
By: U.S. Department of War
Narrated by: Alexi Grebisch
Length: 40 minutes

Book Summary: Here is a recording of a War Department pamphlet aimed at U.S. Servicemen in Britain in 1942. The jovial tone of the document and its advice about how NOT to offend the British make for a nostalgic – and in places humorous – relic of World War II.

My Review: There is something appalling and reassuring at the same time in this audiobook version of a guide given to American soldiers heading to Britain in 1942. Americans were just as dumb, presumptive and entitled in the greatest generation as they are now, while the US Government is incredibly patronizing to the British at the same time.

The book itself is a great short read giving insight into a small slice of life. It is worth the time to just read or listen to it.

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