New Projects Coming

My life is currently packed with transition, work, hubby, YouTube, RPGs and other little things. Somehow though I get scattered and don’t get the other stuff I want done. Mostly the writing/art aspect. I am currently trying to work on writing more, both about my life and creatively. There are a couple of projects that look fairly small that I want to start trying, just to get in the habit.

The first project is a couple of different writing prompt threads in Reddit. Just short story stuff, and I think you will start seeing that pop up here. The second is photo of the day. Basically going to my OSX Photos and have it select a random photo with the same date in my stack. Could be from any year, and do a small description of what was going on, when it was, who it was, etc.

The second project is easier for me, the creative part freaks me out as someone participating in art. I think both though are going to be good options to help push me to write more than just gaming/world history stuff.

The gaming/world history does count as creative writing, absolutely. However it comes in fits and starts, generally following my RPG games. Right now the hubby does have a couple of solo games going on, but the write-ups aren’t everything and I want to do different writing so the RPG stuff isn’t a chore, and is instead part of my hobbies.

I will also be posting those pictures I pull to IG/FB/Twitter with short descriptions, mainly because I have always had this weird need to share my stuff with the world. I guess on the internet it really isn’t a problem with oversharing though is it? I have found though the only way I can get myself to push on projects is to post it online, weird right?

This may slow down my YouTube stuff, but I have been doing that heavily for years so its ok if I lighten up on it. I especially know I have been hitting it heavy when hubby is surprised I have so many videos for him to watch (doesn’t even count the daily war-games on my second video game LP channel). So I don’t mind slowing down a bit on YouTube.

I have some more projects I am going to start up as well over the next couple of months that include visual art (photo/digital art), but I figure two smaller steady writing projects aren’t a bad idea to start with. So you should see my first photo thing starting today, I just have to verify with the hubby that he is ok with pre-transition photos (he has said he is in the past, but I probably should get his permission again since the majority of pictures are probably going to be him).

Once I get final buy off, I should start immediately, possibly even later today).

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