PT: Chicken, it’s what is for dinner.

Project Throwback: Summer 1951 (?)

Dad and his Grandma Clara cleaning chickens for dinner (1951)

Another of my dad’s childhood pictures, cleaned up easily enough, did crop out a lot of side image of the side of a building though. I do want to say that it wasn’t me that cut off great grandmother Clara’s feet in the picture. That is how it came.

Dad lived with his grandparents all of his childhood, didn’t know his mother was his mother until he was 10 or older I believe (before then he thought it was his older sister). Yep family drama there.

The Project Throwback is having the effect I was hoping it would. For whatever reason I have the urge to clean the pictures up and post them more than I would do just to clean them up and put them away.

2 thoughts on “PT: Chicken, it’s what is for dinner.

  1. It’s awe-inspiring that some old douchebags on Facebook want to argue with you over what your father’s name was. Like, that’s probably the reason the man hated everyone there, refused to go back, or let his kids ever get to know those losers.

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    1. I 100% agree with you. I also know he said he didn’t want us up there because he didn’t feel it was safe for us. With the stuff he went through, I always found a little bothersome.


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