Funniest Photo of the Surgery (so far)

I haven’t taken myself overly serious in a long long time. Before my transition that was because I just didn’t care anymore, after my transition I think it is because I have found myself and I don’t sweat silly looking things (not to be confused with dysphoria inducing things, that is a different kettle of fish).

My goal overall is to not shy away from the bad as well as to show off nice images of my life. So you will never find me artificially filtering my photos (other than maybe make them black and white, or if I am wearing makeup). I am who I am. Even if I am feeling crushed hard from surgery or something else.

During my surgery, I have faced probably my most challenging recovery overall, even with the skin infection on my second FFS or my skull being cracked open in the first one. As it stands I still can’t quite stand up straight for more than a few minutes, I am puffy like a Michelin Woman, and overall I find myself aching (probably not helping with family drama and first covid vaccine shot).

Back in the 1950s, they came up with a cartoon character named Baby Huey. As a kid, I hated that character but found it funny too (probably for the wrong reasons if I thought about it too deeply).

Fast forward to the week after my surgery with the tummy tuck/fat transfer. I was wrapped up (and still am for another 3 weeks) in a compression bodysuit with a large set of white padding wrapped around me and cinched down. However at the time, I was shedding more than 20lbs of Tumescent fluid, and of course the swelling inflammation. That meant to keep me from leaking out of the drains and into my bed, I had to lay on a chuck and wear an adult-sized depends (adult +). My husband howled in laughter (and it is pretty funny). So one time he took a snapshot of me. Here it is:

Just call me the trans incarnation of Baby Huey

That is the absolute funniest picture. I was so stoned on pain meds and just wanted to stop being a water sprinkler. So here it is, me as a water sprinkler dressed like Baby Huey. Yes, I added the nipple coverings after the photo was taken, but that is the only way I can post it without every single service nailing a woman’s boobs (especially a trans woman’s boobs).

There it is though, the funniest picture of this surgery (so far). Now that I posted this, I am sure something funnier will happen.

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