First day of 2022 in the bag

I am not really down for resolutions this year. Yes I want to post more (daily would be awsome, but I would take weekly), yes I want to work out and look good in the summer with my new body, I want a million dollars.

What I need to do is find something good every day. I think that other than my awesome husband, and my awesome therapist that is third in line for working on my mental health.

So here it is, day one, of 2022. I got to spend the entire day with my husband, we gamed, we laid in bed a lot, we hung around in the living room a lot and I ran a game for him.

That alone truly is why I have already won at life, and every single day I get with him just adds another win. No matter any other result or other anxiety, I got better than 99.9% of the people out there and I am greatful for that.

Also I want to post a photo a day, here is one from the first two days of 2022 :). She was attached to holding my boob while she slept on me today and the other was her asleep while hubby and I were in bed yesterday.

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