Christmas Trees

Obviously, I probably won’t post daily… as is evidenced by the two days that passed without a word from me, but I can keep up on photos and I can still give it a shot (one of the two photos last post was from 1/2/2022 so I am still caught up).

January 2nd, 2022.

Sunday was fantastic though, the hubby and I just hung out while he cooked food and I ran him games. That is a perfect kind of day for me. It helps push away my mental health fight and gives me some peace and quiets the gerbils in my head.

I also put away the Christmas trees. That was a kind of fun adventure. It started at the beginning of December where we couldn’t find the normal tree we use, and to be honest it was a pain the ass last year so I thought we had dumped it.

Then we turned around, bought a tree from Target, and set it up. It was a cool little tree, that is up until we noticed that Tally likes to eat the flocking (fake snow) off of it when we aren’t looking. We tried to keep her away a couple of days but it wasn’t going to work out so we returned it (sadly I don’t think I saved a picture of her trying to eat this tree… I should have).

By then it was December 15th and I figured it wasn’t worth trying to find the right size tree, so I ordered a small two-foot-tall tree to put on our shelf. It is a nice little thing, but it’s completely battery powered so that is going to be annoying.

Tally has decided she has to check out the tree.
Tally has noticed that I noticed her and the tree, she likes the camera.

The day after that I saw that Michaels had a sale for a four-foot tree. I figured it wouldn’t show in time, but it would show up for next year and I wouldn’t have to do this. I was surprised when it showed up on December 23rd, so on Christmas eve, we put it up.

The Xmas Tree is pretty awesome.

Meanwhile, we had gotten presents from our friend Erika who had given us more Xmas tree ornaments. She has done so last three years, and honestly, those are the best ornaments I have ever gotten. As a kid we were homeless a lot, so most of our Xmas ornaments were scrounged up on a yearly basis. There were a few ornaments that lasted our whole lives, but when my parents passed my siblings fucked off with them (that is a rant I will have in the future).

So Christmas was awesome decoration-wise (next year I will have more) and awesome overall. The hubby made a fantastic ham, stuffing, potatoes Xmas meal and we ate it for 10 days after in some format.

Well finally on Sunday I put away all of the decorations. I am always a little sad and a little happy to have it done with. The happiness is there are good childhood memories with Christmas, but also a lot of bad things that still reverberate (plus I end up missing my parents terribly during it).

The best part though is that I absolutely treasure my time with W during the Christmas week. In the past, we strived to take the whole time off between Xmas and NYE. Sadly my transition has stopped that momentarily for the last few years, but eventually, we won’t have to save time up for medical.

It isn’t quite the same now though, with the pandemic and working from home, it is like a permanent Xmas break (well, a break that I have to work sometimes 8 hours a day) and I am spoiled. I treasure every day now and I cannot imagine having to go back into the office. My anxiety is way less and my therapist doesn’t like the idea of me going back, they think it will retard if not destroy some of my progress (due to anxiety by COVID and by the transgender microaggressions I got there). He thinks he can work something out.

Oh, and a final funny note. When the hubby put away the new tree… he found the old tree at the back of the storage room. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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