Interesting is not a good way to describe a day.

Yesterday was an interesting day (January 5, 2022), but not in a great way.

Most of the day went great, no concerns at work, the hubby and I are doing awesome and weirdly enough most of our deliveries we thought lost arrived (after they were refunded). I even called back to ask them to cancel the refund for the cat food and they told me don’t worry about it and keep it with no charge. So that was good.

The one “interesting” and frustrating thing is that W’s car got broken into. We suspect I probably left it unlocked, but either way, it got prowled, everything was pulled out of the glove and trunk compartment.

The fortunate thing was all they took was a jump startihjng emergency battery kit we had, about $10 in ones for when we give money to panhandlers/those in need and they rifled the paperwork (can’t find the registration so not sure if they stole it or it got trashed).

No real damage, no real loss, just frustration at the “luxury” apartments we pay too much money for rent has management that won’t let us keep birdfeeders, that has people breaking into cars, and that charges so much for a 560 square foot apartment with washers and dryers from the seventies and electrical that blows a fuse everytime the microwave turns on and our heater is on.

We are stuck in a loop right now apartment wise, we need to pay down our short term debt and we are waiting to see if the government employee program for student loans pans out before we know if we are looking to buy a place, or just saving up until we hit 55 and get a place in a retirement community (I am voting for a retirement park and to own a mobile home again, I really miss our mobile home in Bellingham, not Bellingham itself mind you, just the home.

Either way, this situation will pan out and we may move in August to a nicer apartment until the housing situation settles, but we won’t really know until spring if/when we will get out of here at least.

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